SEO Services

The primary objective of creating a website is to be able to increase traffic in the website. This will greatly affect the effectiveness of the web page in creating a marketing opportunity for the company. Many marketing tools can be used in promoting through the internet and one of the most effective ways is through the use of SEO. Basically websites will be useless if people don’t visit them and that is why search engine optimization is also important for companies.

The process that is involved in this promotional tool involves setting up references all over the internet. These references will act as the bridge to your website. It is a science that is simple enough to understand but the task can be time consuming without the help from professional search engine optimization services provider company. We are the company which is specifically designed to perform seo services for your companies. You should outsourced it in order to make sure that the job is done in the shortest possible amount of time with high efficiency. As the website developer this is very useful especially when it comes to maximizing the amount of time to complete the project.

• Search Engine Optimization (On Page – Off Page)
• Directory Submission
• Local Directory Listing
• Business Directory Submission
• Article Directory Listing
• Social Media Submission
• Press Release Posting
• News Posting
• Blog Posting and Comments in relevant Post
• Forum Posting
• Classifieds Ads Posting
• Affiliates Marketing
• Jobs Posting
• Profile Posting
• RSS Feed Posting
• Video Submission
• Client Database Creating
• Email Marketing

Pretoria WEB have customized search engine optimization plan for your business website’s different keywords of your products and services. We are using professional SEO techniques which increase targeted website traffic, sales, and profits without the risk of having your website in danger of being banned from search engines as less ethical SEO companies will do. If the company promises to set up 300 links in 5 minutes – RUN IMMEDIATELY!! Search engines want websites to show connections to other websites developed over time and the only way to do so is to do it by hand. Likewise, if a SEO company is charging $25 to set up the 300 links – RUN IMMEDIATELY because they can’t possibly do their submissions by hand. Search engines are extraordinary software packages that can see the pattern of linking connections so you’re taking a huge risk using an automated service and we don’t operate that way.

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