Search Engine Marketing Johannesburg

PiyaGroup of Company provide high value solutions to the internet marketing problems faced by various clients in the promotion of their businesses online. We follow the latest trends in the digital world of marketing to provide our clients with the best results for the marketing of their websites across search engines. We are known by most of our clients as a helping hand for the development of a tough and successful online existence of their businesses. Our highly valued services are carried out by our employees that are experienced enough to provide a push to the business of any kind through the successful management of their websites.


Our company deals with the marketing of your business online with the latest tools available for the optimization of your website. These techniques result in the better rankings of your website on the search engine results pages. We offer you with the services that are meant to keep your website at the best ranks on the result pages of the search engines for a considerable period of time.

There are a lot of companies that provide you such services with short cut tools that give an immediate boost to your website’s rank. But those techniques are not preferred by the search engines’ algorithms and once they find out the use of such a technique for your website, they drop the ranking of your website. These tools provide only a short term boost to the ranking of your website, but you are the loser in the long run.

On the other hand, we provide you with the white-hat optimization services, which take some time to show up the result of the improvement in the rankings of your website. These techniques are time consuming and require your patience, but once you get your website listed among the initial pages of the search engine result pages, a little regular maintenance helps you maintain the position.


There are a lot of companies providing similar services in the market, but what makes us different from the rest is our loyalty to the customers and the passion and dedication for the work. We have hired a skilled team of professionals that has gone through a strict selection procedure followed by a high valued training from experts. The motive of such a strict procedure is to prepare the employees to give out their best results while working on the projects of the clients. Another benefit of choosing our services is that we never put any delay in the work assigned to us, thus, our clients enjoy a timely service at an affordable price.

Our experts have a sound knowledge of the market and they are always updated with the latest information about the algorithms followed by the search engines. This helps us to follow the techniques that will get our client’s website to the top ranks. The availability of a website in the top results of a search engine helps in generating more traffic towards the website, which in turn, increases the revenue of the business. Thus, we work for the growth of your online business.